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Nowadays it is not easy to have paleo diet everywhere if you want a better diet to eat and you are conscious about what you eat then for this you have to find it yourself. Mostly the eatables in market are fish, nuts, pottery and ground beef while in greens there are some veggies which are easily available and some didn’t. Pasta, cereal, candy has to exclude from the list of diet either you should eat chicken stir fry and paleo spaghetti.

The counting of calories is not much better idea for us; you couldn’t have a better plan for it. The best idea is to take your meal according to the work that you have to do and how much it will burn your calories. If you have a good knowledge about how much time are you giving and how much perspiration rate is getting in that work than it easy for you to manage the calories and your diet. After this, you don’t have to be conscious about health and the weight gains, but it can build your muscles and shape.

muscles and shape

Paleo Diet Working:

If you talk about diet with me than it is really complicated to tell you that what you have to eat and how can you carry on for this but the thing that really means for me is that if you have ever imagine the diet of our ancient ancestors than you get to know that they are muscular, tall, strong, even incredibly versatile. But now average Homo sapiens are small, overweight, out of shape, unhappy and stressed out.

Few days before I have to go to my relatives with my friends and their I have noticed that all the diets that are used in village are not perfectly digested in our stomach because we are addicted to the foods that are not much of higher calories and have very high fats and oils that have not much use in our body. There I had seen that they are mostly used veggies, meat and seasonal fruits and rise early for their works, on the other side we use bread, pasta, rice and corn instead of meat and veggies. So for that matter, we are not that much built as our ancestors.

According to biology, the nutrients that are used by our ancestors are necessary for our bodies and muscles. You have to be notice that what you are eating now and how can it proves better than the diet that used by your ancestors, everything that you have to know about this modern world is the food that serves in restaurants and hotels is just fats that can help you to get lazy, gains weight out of shape never works like lean muscle body.

Paleo Diet and the Role of Grains:

Another important element is grains which are carbohydrates, these when undergoes break into small units of glucose(a type of sugar) that is being used by our body to help in a different type of task. When the glucose isn’t used as energy than it will be stored in a body as fat. Whereas in paleo diet the sugar is totally eradicated, and it helps to make our sugar using fruits and natural things. The three things which are not recommended by doctors are; grains, sugar and processed food it can be dangerous sometimes, and it can cause some disease and lifestyle issues.

Utilizes Energy

Utilizes Energy:

A body can also work with a few carbohydrates if it is present in low amount in the body than it also works well either you eat carbs or not. When our body requires much energy, the burning of fats is a process that is called Ketogenesis.

This equation tells us how much amount of glucose present in our body

So, fewer carbs = less glucose in your system and which means your body fats should be burned as your fuel source.

If you want higher carbs, and you should want non-toxic carbs then the best-suggested cabs are Vegetables, sweet potatoes and fruits. These carbs are better and have excellent results because the vegetables produce in farms are fresh, natural, and don’t need to process anymore.

Vegetables are the best carbs because they cannot produce fats and highly enrich with carbohydrates. They are highly dense and contains maximum calories (180cal in 36 grams).

Fats Reduction

Fats Reduction:

If you want to overcome the fats of the body, then you should put your diet without packet chip and broccoli, those are used for extra exaggeration. A full plate of vegetable and half plate of meat is well for you to fulfill your hours but the carbs and eating heavy foods can result of laziness and be hungry in less time.        Essential Nutrients

Essential Nutrients:

If you want to get high proteins, then go for more fruits, vegetables and meal like eggs, steak, chicken, fish, pork. You should also add some fats to your diet if there is more calories in the body for good fats take almonds, walnuts, butter and olive oil.

Timings of Meal:

Everyone should know this rule:

Eat when you are hungry, don’t eat when are not, now go back and imagine again our ancestors that how they work. In that time, there is no such easiness and luxury life they used to work manually and did their work with responsibilities, so the fat in the body and calories burns that give a nice shape and make muscles stronger.

Timings of Meal

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