What is Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet can make a better change in your life as it can make a person healthier and has a sound mind in a sound body. Paleo diets include the nutrients that can make a body strong and optimize the energy of muscle for your routine works.  Many of the physicians and physiotherapists recommend Paleo diet to their clients for a lean and ideal physique. As the modern world moving towards a better lifestyle and a healthy diet, it is to be sure that a Paleo diet is a key to living healthier lives. It also prevents many diseases that are commonly generated in our body nowadays.

A Paleo Diet is a diet that includes the food which has been used by the early humans; the basic elements used in Paleo Diet are:

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fatty Acids (Saturated & unsaturated)
  • Fibers

It is to be sure that many diseases take place because of disorders of food, an essential diet and the meal that cannot fulfill the requirements of muscles, joints, and ligaments.

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the humans with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”                 –Thomas Edison-

Function Of Elements  in Paleo Diet:


  1. Amino Acids form a 3-dimensional structure called Protein.
  2. The combination of amino acids collectively defends the body from different viruses and bacteria’s.
  3. It is commonly found in meat, fish, egg, milk,

Fruits and Vegetables:

  1. Fruits and vegetables are an essential and basic elements in our life.
  2. It has been proved very useful for a healthy body. It can prevent many diseases and also controls the blood pressure.
  3. It also reduces the risk of kidneys and digestive system.
  4. Fruits, vegetables can prevent the cells and muscle from a different type of cancer.
  5. Lower the risk of eye disease.

Essential Fats:

  1. The fats commonly used in Paleo Diet are Omega-3 and Omega-6. Fats are of two types, saturated and unsaturated.
  2. It controls the fatness in a body.
  3. It also prevents the hazardous diseases like cancer, diabetes, and other heart diseases.
  4. The great and natural source of fats are nuts, seeds, avocado, and other seeds are very popular and can make a sense of satisfaction in mind. It has many other essential elements like fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

 Basic Benefits of Paleo Diet:

  • Paleo diet gives us the actual balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in our body common which contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) prevents the eye diseases and also beneficial for heart development and function.
  • Paleo diet can be used for reducing the weight and also beneficial for improving the lipids in the blood.
  • Paleo diet is a collection of minerals, vitamins, fats, and proteins that are require our body and also remove the odd foods. g. grains, dairy, and legumes.

Disease Prevention:

Paleo diet can prevent our body from various diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Color Blindness
  • Cardio Vascular
  • Skin Disease
  • Autoimmunity


In the disease of diabetes, Paleo diet plays an important role as it reverses the symptoms of insulin resistant. While other diet is known as the Mediterranean diet, which has not such effects of insulin-like Paleo diet.

In Paleo diet, the fish meat that is high in proteins can defend the cells and fight viruses and bacteria.

Cardio Vascular:

In America, the cause for which most of the Americans died is cardiovascular disease. Now, most of the doctors suggested Paleo diet for the patients that are diseased by cardiovascular and recommended to eat ancestral diets infarct of fast food.

In Paleo diet, the nuts and seeds that are the key element can prevent the body from cancer, heart disease and produce the sense of satisfaction.

paleo diet menu



Autoimmunity is a system that defends the body against microbial and protects through disease.

The immune system is a system that is attacked by the micro-organisms of viruses and bacteria’s that harm the body cells and get injured. It also identifies the correct matching of organs, tissues and cells. The immune system is linked to our body when it gets injured; we harm with any disease. If any organ is getting injured or may be transplanted the immune system tells us the correct matching of that part. If the immune system does not recognize the organ, then the immune system will destroy that part.

A common cause of all disease, hazardous particles injured the intestine lining and then food particles that are not essentials entered into the body in their way. And make their way to get into the cells and tissues, it is called leaky gut.


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