23 Leftover Poultry Recipes That Are Not Total Gut Bombs

Apart from a food coma along with a family gathering, yet another factor you can rely on having a big Thanksgiving dinner quite a bit of leftover poultry. Even though stuffing it between bread appears like the easiest method to go, why limit you to ultimately common sandwiches when there are plenty of other simple and easy, healthy methods to enjoy all individuals extras? Take a look at these 23 insanely tasty recipes for implementing your leftover poultry-they’ll make you want that each day may be the next day of Thanksgiving.


  1. Poultry Hash

You are able to throw virtually anything right into a hash and pull it off. However, this combo of leftover poultry and taters with creole seasonings and chili powder, capped with cheese, is particularly scrumptious.

23 Leftover Poultry Recipes That Are Not Total Gut Bombs

  1. Leftover Thanksgiving Egg Scramble

Show up the amount of regular scrambled eggs with the addition of not just poultry, but additionally a smattering of corn, eco-friendly beans, and sweet taters. The produce adds plenty of flavors to cause an entire one-dish meal in only ten minutes.

  1. Leftover Poultry Frittata

Create a simple egg frittata extra filling by stirring in a mug of cubed poultry. With a few mozzarella within the mix too, it’s an excellent high-protein method to start the morning next carb-tastic Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Mexican Poultry Breakfast Pizza

Some people is going to be too hungover all your wine we drank so that I will be craving anything a bit more substantial come Black Friday. Enter: breakfast pizza. Make use of your leftover poultry like a topping for many added protein additionally towards the eggs. We may omit the hash browns to create this dish just a little lighter… or otherwise.

23 Leftover Poultry Recipes That Are Not Total Gut Bombs

  1. Poultry Egg Breakfast Casserole

With seasonings much like individuals you’d use within a stuffing, this casserole is ideal for serving after Thanksgiving or TBH anytime during Christmas. Having a full cup of kale in-between your eggs and cheese, it is also a terrific way to sneak some veggies to your family.

  1. Poultry Congee

Fed up with Thanksgiving flavors but shouldn’t discard the poultry? Make use of the leftovers in another publish-holiday tradition-a Chinese-American one, by which families prepare the meat with grain and soy sauce to create a savory, porridge-style breakfast which brings comfort on a cold morning.


  1. Thanksgiving Monte Cristo Sandwich

Traditional Monte Cristo sandwiches are full of pork and cheese, egg-battered, and deep-fried. That one uses poultry for that meat rather and dips the bread slices in egg-whites only before pan-grilling them. The substitutes allow for a sandwich that’s reduced in cholesterol but scores just like at the top of taste.

Thanksgiving Monte Cristo Sandwich

  1. Leftover Poultry Asian Sandwich

Turn Thanksgiving poultry into Vietnamese street food by stuffing it inside a baguette gently slathered with mayo, full of veggies, and drizzled with Sriracha. Plenty of fresh cilantro makes this banh mi taste much more authentic.

  1. Thanksgiving Leftover Quesadillas

This unusual quesadilla makes use of leftover poultry and cranberry sauce, stuffing both-plus cheese, obviously-between two whole-wheat wraps (gotta love the additional fiber!). A sprinkle of fresh sage adds much more fall flair for this flavor party.

  1. Leftover Thanksgiving Poultry Pesto Panini

Some French bread, a couple of slices of tomato, and a few fresh mozzarella help turn poultry leftovers into a simple panini. Take it easy should you not have homemade pesto your preferred store-bought version works equally well.

  1. Poultry Wrap With Chipotle Avocado Spread

A wrap may be the lunchtime same as a breakfast hash-roll everything, however, the drain right into a tortilla, and it is certain to taste very good! Within this one, poultry and veggies are mixed right into a mashed avocado and tangy Greek yogurt “dressing” for any wrap that’s light, refreshing, and also the perfect antidote to some heavy dinner.

Poultry Wrap With Chipotle Avocado Spread

Soups and Salads

  1. Thanksgiving Cobb Salad

This healthier Cobb salad replaces a lot of its traditional ingredients with several Thanksgiving leftovers you’re certain to dress in hands: poultry rather of chicken, butternut squash and The city sprouts rather of hard-steamed eggs and tomato plants, and cornbread croutons. You get the drift (take it easy, there’s still bacon in here!). Doused having a cranberry sauce-based dressing, your festive dish has become complete.

  1. Poultry Kale Salad With Roasted Sweet Taters and Carrots

Leftover poultry checks from the protein requirement within this simple, produce-packed salad. Warm, roasted veggies allow it to be ideal for the cooler weather, with a simple essential olive oil and balsamic dressing, the entire factor creates an excellent low-maintenance your meal.

  1. Italian Poultry, Kale, and Orzo Soup

Your leftover poultry may be the star of the well-rounded recipe. It’s became a member of by plenty of vegetables, a heap of orzo, and a few shredded cheese for any wholesome minestrone-like soup. And it is what the physician purchased following a big holiday dinner.

Italian Poultry, Kale, and Orzo Soup

  1. Healthy Poultry Salad With Grapes, Apples, and Walnuts

If you have leftover poultry, a deli-style poultry salad will most likely perform reception menus sooner or later. If this does, choose this healthier recipe, where Greek yogurt and occasional-fat mayo cut lower around the fat, and chopped fruit and walnuts give a fun little bit of crunch and fiber.

  1. Poultry Tortilla Soup

Getting cooked poultry already on hands makes this spin on the Mexican classic get together in only half an hour (and many of this time is simply departing the pot around the stove to simmer). As the different kind of chicken gives this dish a distinctively different flavor, still it tastes fantastic capped together with your favorite tortilla soup fixin’s.

  1. Poultry Lentil Soup

Poultry and lentils give a double whammy of protein, while cubed taters complete the carb quotient-well suited for an easy meal that also keeps you satisfied for hrs. Omit the Parmesan for a good way to help keep the recipe dairy-free.

Poultry Lentil Soup


  1. Lightened-Up Poultry Pot Cake

Rather of thick pastry crust, you will employ flaky layers of phyllo dough to top this dairy-free pot cake-however with cubes of poultry, the classic pea-and-carrot combo, and chunks of potato; it’s as hearty and comforting because of the original.

  1. Poultry Bolognese

Pasta isn’t exactly a fixture around the Thanksgiving table, and so do it the following day rather! Without any butter or milk, and lean poultry meat rather of beef or veal, this spaghetti Bolognese is comfort food at its finest and lightest. Wish to go even lighter? Use zoodles rather of pasta.

  1. Leftover Poultry Spanish Grain

Using Arborio grain along with a little wine for any risotto-like result, plus including saffron and smoked paprika for any paella-type effect, this Spanish grain is really a scrumptious mishmash of flavors. Plus, with chopped veggies and leftover poultry, it’s fresher, healthier, and tastier compared to boxed stuff.

Leftover Poultry Spanish Grain

  1. Leftover Thanksgiving Poultry Risotto

If it is actual risotto you’re after, take a look at this recipe. Using lots of leftover poultry meat and stock to show Arborio grain right into a creamy (but cream-free) risotto, the dish keeps the vacation spirit going just a little longer.

  1. 30-Minute Lighter Stovetop Poultry Tetrazzini

Publish-Poultry Day pasta dinners do not have that you follow your ribs. This tetrazzini uses low-fat dairy, whole-wheat spaghetti, and a lot of shredded leftover poultry for any filling, high-fiber but the low-cholesterol dish that could just be a new day-after-Thanksgiving tradition.

  1. Poultry Wild Grain Broccoli Bake

This recipe gives you with the opportunity to finish off leftover poultry, utilize that bag of broccoli that’s been laying inside your freezer, and test out the wild grain, all at one time. Along with some cottage type cheese binding everything together, nearly 30 minutes in the oven should have the desired effect.

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