5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks

Research printed in the Public Library of Science discovered that sugar is much more addictive than cocaine. For this reason, the typical American consumes 19 teaspoons from the sweet stuff every day!

Regrettably, refined sugar has numerous negative health effects, including cavities, weight problems, cardiovascular disease, and insulin resistance. This painful truth is why individuals who wish to maintain the kitchen connoisseur is around the search for low-calorie sweeteners that won’t compromise their well-being.

5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks


The manufacturers of Swerve tout it as being an exciting-natural sweetener that tastes great with simply minor negative effects.


Erythritol, as well as other sugar alcohols, have little if any effect on insulin and also on bloodstream sugar levels.

It has less calories than ordinary sugar and each teaspoon only has 5 grams of carbohydrates.

Furthermore, erythritol is related having a lower chance of cavities and gums and teeth.


Although all of the ingredients utilized in Swerve are regarded as GRAS (Generally Acknowledged as Safe) based on the U.S. Food and Drug administration, vast amounts of erythritol may cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea in sensitive individuals.

Some reports also have indicated mild allergy symptoms to erythritol, including itching and hives.

    Monk Fruit

Monk fruit sweeteners are manufactured from the fruit extract; that is 150 to 200 occasions sweeter than sugar.

5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks


Monk fruit extract is really as sweet as stevia but with no bitter aftertaste connected with many stevia products.

It doesn’t affect bloodstream sugar levels.

Monk fruit doesn’t have calories, carbohydrates, sodium, and fat that makes it an excellent sugar substitute for those attempting to lose weight.


Some monk fruit products contain dextrose, malt dextrin, along with other inessential additives. With respect to the processing utilized on the components, you may be getting something that is less natural with a compromised dietary profile.

Monk fruit’s fruity taste puts many people off although some reported an uncomfortable aftertaste.

You will get Monk Fruit here.


Stevia is definitely a plant whose leaves contain steviol glycosides, which are compounds which are 200-300 occasions sweeter than sugar.

5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks


Stevia is 200-300 occasions sweeter than sugar so it’s not necessary just as much inside your tea or any other drinks.

It will come in great shape including liquid, powder, and granules.

Natural stevia sweeteners put together to possess no impact on insulin or bloodstream sugar levels. Research has even proven that stevia extract includes a positive impact on controlling bloodstream sugar.

Stevia is a great option for those attempting to lose weight since it contains no calories.


Most stevia goods are highly refined to get rid of the bitter aftertaste. Consequently, the merchandise you may be getting is not completely natural.

Powdered stevia products might have added dextrose, malt dextrin, sugar, along with other sugar substitutes, which could affect bloodstream sugar. These items might also contain hidden carbs, which isn’t ideal for those who wish to acquire a ketogenic condition.

5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks

Stevia could cause nausea, bloating, and gas in addition to allergy symptoms.

You will get liquid stevia here and powdered stevia here.


Naturally sourced within the fibers of certain vegetables and fruit, xylitol is really a sugar alcohol that tastes much like sugar.


Although xylitol tastes like sugar, it has 34% less calories, and it doesn’t spike bloodstream sugar levels around ordinary sugar does.

Xylitol can improve oral health as it doesn’t cause cavities because it can’t be metabolized by plaque-causing bacteria.


Among the greatest drawbacks of the sugar substitute is the fact that most xylitol is produced from GMO corn. It is advisable to obtain the kind that’s sourced from birch trees to prevent genetic engineering.

5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks

Consumption more than 2 ½ to five tablespoons (30-60 grams) of xylitol may cause gastric distress, for example bloating or diarrhea. Be extra careful if you’re vulnerable to bloating.

If you are attempting to lose weight or wanting to take down calorie intake, xylitol might not be your very best choice since it is not really a low-calorie sugar substitute. In addition to this, it leads to a minor sugar hurry, therefore, it will not be useful if you are attempting to kick a sugar habit.

Xylitol is toxic to dogs so make certain you store it correctly.

    Yacon Syrup

Obtained from a yams-like tuberous roots grown in South USA, yacon syrup is really a sugar substitute which has a slight caramel taste.


Yacon syrup is lower in calories and naturally sourced sugars, for example, insulin and fructoo ligo saccharides (FOS). FOS which has fiber-like characteristics help lower cholesterol levels and balance bloodstream sugar levels. Additionally, it aids digestion your clients’ needs the introduction of good gut bacteria.

5 Options to Sugar Substitutes with Benefits and drawbacks

Yacon syrup has elevated levels of antioxidants in addition to potassium.

It can benefit control appetite, which makes it a perfect sugar substitute for those who want to shed weight.


One tablespoon ought to be your overall yacon syrup intake each day as large doses may cause bloating, wind, nausea, and diarrhea.

Due to the high fiber content of yacon syrup, excessive consumption can result in digestive discomfort. It is advisable to avoid yacon syrup if you’re vulnerable to intestinal problems.

Yacon syrup isn’t well suited for baking as FOS breaks lower at temperatures of 120 C / 248 F and greater.

The abundance of artificial sweetener alternatives available on the market means increasing numbers of people have become conscious of the risks of sugar. Lots of people realize that excess sugar is harmful but switching to some natural alternative might have pros and cons too. It’s better to do your personal research and test on yourself to determine which natural sweetener option is the best for the body.

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