Next Backpacking Trip Paleo

Planning for a four or five-day backpacking trip? Want to maintain your Paleo lifestyle while you’re available? Listed below are some tips and concepts for remaining Paleo while out backpacking in your next adventure.

Worthwhile backpacking enthusiasts will explain the focus ought to be on foods which are lightweight and calorically dense. In the end, it seems sensible to hold minimal weight possible inside your pack for any multiple day trip to be able to minimize total energy expenditure and also the strain lying on your back.

Keeping The Next Backpacking Trip Paleo

Most non-paleo backpacking enthusiasts advocate grain/carb wealthy foods. Pasta, granolas, along with other grain-based foods are lightweight. But, a lot of you studying this realize that grains ought to be prevented while following a Paleo Diet. Grain-based foods only have been the main issue with a person diet since about 10,000 years back at the beginning of the farming revolution. For almost all our evolution as hunter-gatherers, grains weren’t commonplace meal source within the human diet.1

Here is a couple of Paleo-friendly food options that pack a dynamic punch and can keep your weight off while backpacking:


In the past, pemmican was popular with United States Plains Indians like a dense power source that sustained their nomadic lifestyle between hunts.2 Pemmican is ready by mixing beef or bison tallow with equal servings of dried, pounded ruminant meat. Berries are put into the taste. To prevent spoilage, it must be kept in an airtight container. Pemmican leans towards being heavier for backpacking; nevertheless, its additional weight is balanced by its impressive caloric density. It’s not necessary to hold a great deal to last some time.

Keeping The Next Backpacking Trip Paleo

Trail Mix:

Although heavy nut consumption is usually not recommended while carrying out a Paleo lifestyle, consuming a bigger volume of nuts for any couple of days to some week within the backcountry will not compromise your wellbeing negatively. Nuts are a good supply of calories as well as other fats and frequently don’t add lots of weight to your pack. Think about making a combination from pistachios, walnuts, almonds, shredded coconut and dried berries for taste. If you are searching for any more calorically dense Paleo twist in your traditional trail mix, try melting lower a little jar of 100% extra virgin coconut oil after which add some trail mix ingredients pointed out above. Solidify the mix inside a container and revel in. Note: it isn’t really ideal for the sunshine backpacking since coconut oil liquefies around 70 degrees.

Canned Seafood:

Sardines, Spanish mackerel, sardines, salmon, tuna, and lots of other seafood goods are available either canned or perhaps in foil pouches, for the most part, conventional supermarkets. Canned seafood is comparatively lightweight and is a superb supply of protein and omega-3 essential fatty acids while on the path.

Keeping The Next Backpacking Trip Paleo



Jerky is yet another great protein source while backpacking and doesn’t drink too much weight to one’s pack. Attempt to source free-range bison or beef jerky that’s reduced sodium and free from gluten hydrolyzed soy and corn, MSG, along with other artificial flavors and preservatives. Even better, consider purchasing a dehydrator and jerky package to produce your personal in your own home!


Dehydrating the food in advance is probably the very best bet for reducing pack weight while keeping nutrient and caloric density on the path. Virtually every Paleo food imaginable could be dehydrated, tossed right into a mixer, and pulsed to some powder consistency. Simply add water for your dehydrated food mixtures wherever you choose to setup camp and prepare. To have an easy well-balanced recipe, try boiling and mashing two sweet taters together with your favorite spices. Toss the yams mixture inside your dehydrator and store it within an airtight container for that trail. Rehydrate with dried sausage, dried veggies, along with a pack of tuna. Boil it, and you’ve got a scrumptious backcountry chowder.

Keeping The Next Backpacking Trip Paleo

For individuals truly searching to reside out a hunter-gatherer experience, consider getting a fishing tackle, hunting gear, and perhaps an area-specific guide for plant identification to forage and search for your own personal food. Like a strong warning, don’t consume any plants or fungi while out hiking or backpacking unless of course, you’re very sure that what you’re eating isn’t poisonous. Also, make certain to determine the area’s local fishing and hunting ordinances prior to embarking on your trip.

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