The Paleo Diet vs The Gluten and Dairy Free Diets

The Paleo Diet could be more limited diet than regular gluten and dairy free diets.

The Paleo Weight loss program is gluten, dairy and preservative free. Furthermore, it’s a weight reduction and weight maintenance diet. Known to because the Caveman Diet. Some might claim that if Cavemen did eat it, we in society should consume it. However, a few of the meals restricted around the Paleo Diet have dietary benefits.

If you’re not lactose-intolerant milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein. Beans have a lot of nutrient values. The Paleo Diet’s focus on lean meat, fish, chicken, fruits and veggies, removal of sugar, low carbohydrates and preservative free diet has short and lengthy term health advantages. According to your individual preferences or health needs a rigid or modified Paleo Diet may be ideal to improve your health, weight-loss goals and existence style.

the Paleolithic

The Paleo Weight loss program is Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, and Preservative Free. Known to because the Caveman Diet or Stone Age Diet. The Paleolithic period was 10,000 years back. The Paleolithic age is pre-agriculture and before man discovered fire. Beans, Taters and lots of grains are inedible raw. They contain toxins if no cooked. The caveman only ate non-contaminant edible meals. Within the Paleolithic period, dairy items didn’t consume because creatures were not domesticated. Therefore, milk wasn’t consumed. The Paleo Diet includes lean meat, fish, chicken, fresh veggies, fruit, nuts and seed products. Excluded in the diet are grains, taters, legumes, dairy producers, salt, refined sugar and processed meals.

Paleo Diet Permitted Meals

Paleo Diet Permitted Meals:

-Lean Meat




-Fresh Veggies

-Nuts (non-processed)

-Seed products (non-processed)

-Fresh and dried herbal treatments

-Spices or herbs and natural enhancers (garlic clove, let’s eat some onions, all kinds of peppers, cloves etc.)

Paleo Diet-Meals Not Permitted:

Meals to prevent:

-All processed food

-Dairy items

-Margarine and butter







-Wild Grain

Fresh and dried herbal treatments

-All processed meals created using grain.






-All beans






-Soybeans and all sorts of soybean items including tofu.



Gluten Meals (Not Permitted in Paleo Diet or Gluten-free Diet)








Graham Flour





Cakes and Pies

All processed meals created using grain





Matzo Meal



Salad Dressing



Trees (maybe mix contaminated)




Many everyday items contain Gluten

Food additives, malt flavor, modified food starch, etc.

Many vitamins and medicines use gluten as a binding agent

Lipstick and lip balms


Postage stamps (only used the self-adhesive)

Play dough

Gluten-free Safe Meals:

Fresh chicken, fish and meat (can’t be marinated, breaded or basted covered)

Most dairy items (not permitted in Paleo Diet)

Gluten-free Safe Meals

Fruit and veggies

Grain (not permitted in Paleo Diet)

Taters (not permitted in Paleo Diet)

Gluten-free flours (grain, soy, corn, potato not permitted in Paleo Diet)

Wine and distilled liquors, ciders, and spirits


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