Paleo Foods Figs

Many of just living a Paleo lifestyle is eating plants, including figs. Figs are broadly obtainable in two various ways: fresh and dried. Even though the dried variety contains more fat and protein (still not a lot of either), additionally, it contains more sugar. Because of this, although figs could be incorporated included in a Paleo-lifestyle, they must be eaten only occasionally, instead of every single day.

Figs really are a sweet little Paleo-friendly fruit that may be enjoyed fresh in the tree throughout the summer time and early fall several weeks. Figs are perishable and really should be eaten within a couple of days of purchase. To find the best fig selection, buy figs in the farmer’s market when they’re freshly selected, then eat them later on that day or even the next.

Paleo Foods Figs

Your skin color of a fig varies from dark crimson-dark to some light eco-friendly-yellow color. However, the flavor, texture, and preparation are going to be fairly similar for those varieties. Figs are a good supply of fiber, potassium, and antioxidants.

Because figs are usually sweet (they contain 20 grams of sugar per 2 figs), dried figs or fig paste can be used a sugar substitute in a few baking or bar recipes. Caramelized or gently roasted figs allow for a great dessert, too!

Purchase It

    FRESH OR DRIED: Dried figs can be found all year long (present in packages or perhaps in the majority bin section) fresh figs can be found throughout the summer time and early fall several weeks.

    SELECT: Fresh figs ought to be plump and also have a sweet smell, although not mushy. Figs are perishable, so ought to be used in a day approximately of purchase.

VARIETIES: Your skin color of a fig varies from a dark crimson-black to some light yellow-eco-friendly skin. The flesh of the fig varies from light pink to deep red.

Prepare It


Heat ghee or perhaps a cooking fat inside a skillet over medium heat, adding halved figs. Prepare for 1-2 minutes, until figs start to caramelize. Top with cinnamon or salt.

Paleo Foods Figs


Add figs to some salad with mixed vegetables along with a honey-sweetened salad dressing.


Create a homemade fig jam or chutney.


Use dried figs (instead of or accessory for dried dates) inside a snack ball or bar recipe.

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