Primal Bakers Bread

Today I will be considering primal bread a loaf produced by Primal Bakers particularly for individuals carrying out a Paleo lifestyle. Primal Bakers operates by Rosa and Izzy both of them are hugely enthusiastic about creating scrumptious Paleo friendly baked products making from brownies to crackers. All of the goods are made freshly by hands and with much different love. If you’d like for more information about Primal Bakers, then check out my guest blog from this past year.

Product Review Primal Bakers Bread

So let’s get began using the ingredients…


  • ground almonds
  • eggs
  • flax seeds
  • arrowroot
  • cider vinegar
  • honey
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • ocean salt

For those who have investigated making your personal Paleo bread, or purchased a pre-made loaf or component pack, you won’t be surprised that there are a higher nut and egg content. They are usually the primary ingredients employed for many a Paleo loaf.

This may result in the product very nutrient dense. I’d, therefore, claim that you take this into account when thinking about the number of slices to eat in a single sitting. There’s presently no dietary breakdown deliver to the loaf (I realize that Primal Bakers are while acquiring this) however the website does condition there are 20g of carbohydrates per 100g.

Product Review Primal Bakers Bread

Paleo bread:

I believe you should allow it to be obvious that Paleo bread is not going to switch the bread that you simply enables you to. Gluten is integral to making the dwelling of traditional bread and baking without it’ll always imply that you struggle to obtain the same consistency and integrity for that loaf. Should you get into this expecting a duplicate for sliced white-colored you will be unnecessarily disappointed.

The components employed for Paleo bread frequently allow it to be nearer to cake when it comes to structure and consistency usually lots of eggs are needed for moisture which plays a role in the wedding cake like similarity. If you haven’t attempted a Paleo loaf before this don’t let this deter you because it is not at all something I’m saying like a negative point – I really that can compare with the consistency it creates. Personally, I believe it is good it features its own characteristics making it individual and separate to gluten-based bread.

First Impressions

The bread arrives by courier (mine showed up very rapidly the next day ordering) in a tiny box which means you so have to be in and have a neighbor to depart this with. The bread itself is available in the cardboard outer it had become baked in like the packaging that you will get by collecting a small individual loaf. Your particulars are often than in the brown bag that is sealed having a label that contains the components along with a use by date. The packaging is minimal and functional and gave a feeling of home baking.

Product Review Primal Bakers Bread

Whenever you open the bag, you receive a lovely fresh odor of baking, and also you be aware of loaf continues to be freshly baked to buy. I possibly could not wait to dig in…

The Flavor:

The flavor is slightly nutty having a hint of sweetness. It’s suggested that you simply try the loaf toasted and that I did enjoy the additional flavor and texture this brings. I’ve found that gently toasting labored best and constitutes a great base for many eggs at breakfast or simply enjoying with a few grass given butter. It’s denser than toast created using gluten, and it is most likely more similar to a rye bread consistency. Personally, I never was hugely interested in excessively soft bread. Therefore, the texture can be useful for me.

I cut the loaf horizontally to obtain bigger slices and also got about 6-7 portions from it. If you are planning to get used of the loaf completely inside a couple of days, I then thought it was fine to help keep within the fridge and reduce your portions while you went along. If you’re just going to possess a handful of slices per week or simply whenever you fancy something bread like you’ll be able to slice up and within the freezer. The possible lack of preservatives entails the loaf won’t last as lengthy because the bread which you may be employed to. For me personally, it’s good to understand the ingredients are fresh and that I found it had become fine to help keep within the fridge for several-4 days with no issues.

Product Review Primal Bakers Bread

Where you can Buy & Just How Much

You can buy primal bread in the Primal Bakers website for £6.00. It’s also available through Yumbles for the similar cost. Primal Bakers offer a “subscribe & save” program whereby it can save you 10% by registering for a normal order on subscription. This can be a great choice to have specifically for individuals who wish to make certain they have some choices for Paleo-friendly bread on standby without getting to help keep placing new orders.

The cost is comparable to other Paleo loaf options within the United Kingdom market. It feels wholly unfair to actually try to compare the price to what supermarket loaves of bread because they are two entirely different products. The Paleo version contains ingredients for costly namely nuts, and that’s going to improve the cost. Yes, it’s more costly that the traditional loaf, however, you would struggle to make it in your own home for cheaper really.

The Decision

Should you miss the benefit of getting bread in what you eat then I would suggest that you simply provide the primal bread a try. Although Paleo bread is not going to taste like “ordinary” bread (don’t order if you’re planning on) a great substitute that’s particularly helpful to increase a Paleo breakfast.

Product Review Primal Bakers Bread

Used to do particularly appreciate it toasted and spread with a few grass given-butter after which offered with eggs it also permitted me to possess steamed eggs and soldiers that were a goody! I had been inspired by its effectiveness around breakfast and also have tried on the extender to produce a recipe for tarragon mushrooms on toast which is visiting your blog shortly.

You’d struggle to create a traditional sandwich because the slices don’t have needed height. But you can also make a wide open sandwich using a few slices at the end for that base. As with every Paleo bread, this loaf is extremely nutrient dense using lots of nuts within the ingredients. I’d therefore personally not have access to this every day or consume an excessive amount of it in a single sitting. Plus around the days which I had a slice from the bread, I’d keep close track of my use of nuts (along with other nutrient dense foods) through other means for example snack bars or energy balls.

The product is ideal for anybody who’s may be craving a little bit of bread or battling using the transition of understanding how to do without bread.  You need to be careful you do not finish up eating the entire loaf in a single sitting!

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