Top 12 Ideas for Paleo School Lunches

Packing lunches for the school-aged children can occasionally seem like a fragile balanced exercise. We would like them to achieve the healthiest foods on the planet, but we would like them to feel confident opening their lunchbox around their peers. I’ve been packing lunches in my kids for pretty much five years now, and I’ve found some favorite products and developed simple techniques for helping all of us take full advantage of lunchboxes.

First, it’s essential for our kids to know why we make specific choices around food. My earliest recognizes that her behavior changes (inside a manner much like Bruce Banner as he will get angry) when she eats artificial dyes, and thus she chooses not to eat foods with individuals ingredients. Both my kids react poorly to gluten, and my youngest also reacts poorly to dairy. Therefore, we keep individuals foods from the menu too. To assist legitimize these choices, give us a call our children some super-awesome jewellery, such as the bracelets produced by Lauren’s Hope, which lists their specific sensitivities. Furthermore, these bracelets help remind our children their health is real and important. However, they look totally awesome too!

Top 12 Ideas for Paleo School Lunches

Second, we are able to make certain our kids’ healthier lunches are packed in stylish, fun containers our children are proud to hold (see Lunchbox Suggestions for Back-To-School). A number of my top picks come from Lunch Bots and Planet Box. My kids come with an amazing time picking these out and decorating all of them with stickers, and the bento containers allow it to be simpler to bring along real foods, that might not are available in convenient packaging.

Finally, creating a summary of go-to lunch components our children enjoy is definitely an absolute existence saver. Each summer time, my kids and that I sit lower and make up a listing of their most favorite foods for college lunches. Getting this on hands makes food shopping simpler, and also, since my children don’t mind about variety, I save mental energy by allowing the same meal every single day!

Here are a couple of my personal favorite products for simple Paleo school lunches.

Veggies and Dip

This straightforward combination may take any type your children enjoy. Mine like cucumbers, carrots, and celery but yours may love radishes, olives or anything else some exotic! I have discovered that bite-sized pieces are the most useful with regards to fitting veggies into my kids’ lunches.

Pairing all of them with an enjoyable dip like my Paleo Mayo and Ranch Dip or Guacamole could make cut veggies into a much more fun physical experience. Plus, they’re a simple supply of healthy fats! It’s my job to include these dips in small containers so that they don’t spill inside their lunch boxes.

Top 12 Ideas for Paleo School Lunches


Fruit is really a go-to supply of carb in my kids. Children have a tendency to burn lots of energy and really have greater carb needs than adults (see Carb Strategies For Kids), and fruit might help sustain them during the day! Easy, packable fruits are often ones using their own skins. Remember apples, oranges, bananas or grapes, although berries bobs of melon also prosper if packed inside a container. In case your children prefer smaller sized pieces, simply cut fruit and put in plastic baggies or their very own containers. A cold compress goes a lengthy way toward stopping browning, but you may also sprinkle fruit with fresh lemon juice too.

Lunch Meat Rolls

What’s simpler than an exciting-in-one lunch meat sandwich roll? Despite the fact that our Paleo children are skipping the bread, it’s vital that you present protein in ways that are both fun and simple to consume. Enter lunch meat rolls! I merely roll-up some clean lunch meat, like poultry, pork or salami from Applegate Naturals, and put it within my women lunch box. Some kids love just a little mustard or Primal Kitchen Mayo in the center. You might include lettuce inside or outdoors from the roll, or cucumber or pickle inside, and point them toward just a little dipping sauce if you are feeling fancy!

Pure Wrap or Siete Tortilla Sandwiches

When our children want an alternative to lunch meat wraps, a set wrapper is a superb option! My two preferences are Pure Wraps and Siete Foods’ Tortillas. Both endure perfectly as wraps inside a lunch box, making “sandwiches” less untidy for small fingers. Both Pure Wraps and Siete attempt tortillas in a number of flavors, and Siete’s tortillas particularly vary a great deal in texture, so it may be useful to determine what flavors your children like best.

Top 12 Ideas for Paleo School Lunches

Trail Mix

Making our very own trail mix is a brilliant way to manage the healthy fats within our kids’ diets with no added junk. In addition, trail mix is simply fun! I make my very own with raw nuts, chocolate chips (I love the Equal Exchange bittersweet ones) and often just a little-dried fruit or coconut. The bottom line is to incorporate something sweet, something salty, something soft than one crunchy. Trail mix is about contrast! This formula is completely customizable, too! In case your youngsters are inside a nut-free classroom like mine, sunflower seeds, pepitas, and Sacha Inchi seeds make a great option to nuts.

RX Bars

These bars really are a simple mixture of dates, nuts and egg white-colored protein, which makes them an enjoyable snack for children and teenagers alike. I particularly like the thought of youthful athletes including these bars inside a gym bag, because they’re an origin of both protein and healthy carbohydrates. While RX Bars really are a greater sugar option, the sugar originates from dates and figs, which makes them a much better whole-meal source of carb. Plus, with flavors like Mint Chocolate, Walnut Ocean Salt, and Pumpkin Cake, they’re simply scrumptious!  Note, they are a little too soft for many more youthful children.

New Primal Snack Mates

Jerky could be loaded with quick, packable protein for the kids, but it isn’t always appetizing. I really like the New Primal has produced a type of Snack Mates sticks which are particularly targeted at kids! Their Beef and Poultry flavors have been in smaller sized portions suitable for kids, but nonetheless, contain between 6 and seven grams of protein. New Primal Snack Mates also create a fantastic after school snack.

Top 12 Ideas for Paleo School Lunches

Epic Strips or Bites

My children love the salmon and poultry flavors of Epic’s new strips, which also contain 7 grams of protein each.  They’re a little difficult to open for individuals little hands, so my children need to grab a set of scissors to spread out the package to school for snack time (or ask a grown-up for help). Epic Bites certainly bypasses this problem as they’re packaged in a resealable pouch.  I typically pack a couple of pieces right into a plastic bag sometimes I add some bacon bites to homemade trail mix!  Like a bonus, the salmon flavor and bacon flavors are  AIP-compliant, so for individuals with autoimmune disease inside your family along with a desire to maintain your kids’ diets nearer to the AIP, a great option!

Hard-Steamed Eggs

Hard-steamed eggs really are a simple protein that travels very well.  I peel in my kids in advance, given that they do not have a lot of time during lunch to consume.  And also the growing accessibility to precooked organic eggs from stores like Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s makes them a particularly convenient and simple lunch protein.  Need to make perfect hard-steamed eggs in your own home that are simple to peel? Make use of a steamer basket over boiling water and steam eggs for fifteen minutes, then rinse under cold water before investing in the fridge.  We routinely prepare 12 at any given time by doing this!

Siete Tortilla Chips and Guacamole

I really like Siete’s tortillas, and so I was super excited to determine them release three NEW flavors of wonderful grain-free tortilla chips! My children were thrilled too since corn tortilla chips are certainly an uncommon treat within our house. Siete’s chips are manufactured from cassava and avocado oil, and they’re satisfyingly crunchy! They’d be considered a perfect accessory for a lunch box when combined with my guacamole!

Top 12 Ideas for Paleo School Lunches

Paleo Angel Power Balls

For any sweet snack, Power Balls really are a perfectly nutrient-dense option we are able to feel confident giving our children. I really like Power Balls simply because they taste like dessert but they’re full of bovine collagen peptides and coconut, and merely gently sweetened with honey. I do not go out with no pack of those, so they’re an apparent accessory for my kids’ lunch boxes too.

Sweet Apricity Caramels

Sometimes our children simply want a goody! I really like keeping Sweet Apricity caramels on hands and shedding a few into my daughters’ lunch boxes on special events. They’re a very fun chocolate simply because they taste such as the caramels we increased up loving. However, their component list is so considerably cleaner. They’re completely AIP! Personally, i think good including these once in a during a college lunch, particularly if I understand my girls’ classes is going to be celebrating with a different type of chocolate it normally won’t eat. It’s an excellent solution!

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